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Membership of the Joel Park Residents' Association is £2 per year per household.

Any household within the boundaries of Matthews Green Road, Holt Lane, Reading Road and Emmbrook Road is eligible to be a member of the association.

The majority of households are members.


We seek to represent members' interests regarding local amenities and issues.

The association has developed close links with Local Government Officers and elected members, but remains impartial and non-political. JPRA acts as a local pressure group and works with other local associations where necessary. JPRA helped prevent the closure of the Emmbrook School in Wokingham.


We help inform you of local issues and events through a newsletter, website, Facebook and twitter.

The regular newsletter is delivered to all our members by a team of volunteers. Our Editors will be interested in any articles or private advertisements that you may wish to provide for the Newsletter. Please go to the contacts page to get in touch.

Social Activities

The JPRA organises social events for the local community. Regular events include a summer party in Joel Park, and Christmas carol singing held either in the park or at the Dog and Duck pub.

If you would like to suggest other activities then please please go to the contacts page to get in touch.

Who are we

The JPRA committee is a group of approximately a dozen volunteers who meet regularly to discuss current issues and strategies, and to plan how to make our views heard throughout Wokingham. Additional volunteers act as road representatives, delivering the newsletter, collecting subscriptions, and introducing the association to new residents.

The annual AGM is open to all residents. A summary of activities and finances will be presented and it is an opportunity for residents to make their own views heard.