Joel Park Residents’ Association
Minutes of Annual General Meeting
12th November 2018
8pm at The Dog and Duck, Emmbrook
  1. Welcome and Apologies

Steve Sansom (Chair) welcomed everyone to the meeting and welcomed Darren McArthur from Bovis Homes.
Apologies had been received from Kate Benson and Helen Dixon.
  1. Chairman’s Address

Thanks were given to the committee members for all their hard work, the residents for their support and to the landlord and staff at The Dog and Duck for hosting the AGM.
The Chairman then gave an overview of the year which is summarized below:
  • The summer Party in the Park continued to be successful and the collaboration with the Church this year brought a different and welcome dimension to the event.
  • The Carol Concert continues to be a highlight of the year and is well attended.  We are very fortunate to have the services of St. Sebastian’s Band and the support of The Dog and Duck.
  • The committee continues to represent the residents at the Emmbrook Community Forum and to liaise with other associations to ensure that issues are raised with the relevant authorities.  
  • The JPRA newsletter is produced 4 times a year (thanks given to Kate for her hard work as editor) and is distributed to all houses in Joel Park.  
  • More volunteers are always welcome to join the committee.
  1. Treasurer’s Report

As there is no treasurer at present the Chairman presented a summary of account for the year 1st April 2017-31st March 2018.
There is £1304.20 in the bank account. 
  1. Committee Nominations

Steve Sansom was proposed and seconded as Chairman.
Anne Constable was proposed and seconded as Secretary.
The post of Treasurer is vacant - if anyone was interested they should contact the Chairman.
  1. Questions to the Committee

Phoneline: - JPRA has a mobile phone which can be contacted by those without access to social media.
GDPR: -JPRA is GDPR compliant.  House to House delivery of the newsletter will continue as it is a good way of keeping an eye on the area and avoids GDPR problems if sending the newsletter out via email.
Neighbourhood Watch: - there have been problems setting up a group with lack of support from local police and lack of resources.
All Weather Pitch at Emmbrook: - this venture has caused concern and a representative from JPRA will speak to the council for an update.
  1. Darren McArthur – Bovis Homes Representative

Darren gave an update on progress at Matthewsgreen Farm.

  • Phase 1 – completed and occupied
  • Phase 2 – completed and occupied
  • Phase 4 – started
  • Phase 5 – extension to be completed in 5 year
  • Phase 3 –  constructed by Linden Homes and no update available.
The school site is clear and has been handed over.
The new road is open and there is better access for construction traffic.

Planned works include: 

  • zebra crossings near Emmbrook School and on Toutley Road 
  • upgrade to Milton Road junction
  • lighting to Cantley Fields footpath
  • there will be a right of way through the site 
  • planning for the community centre will be presented to the council in the New Year
150 homes are currently occupied.
The original plans had a home for the elderly and questions were raised as to where this is – no definitive answer could be given.
Maintenance of verges: - Bovis will maintain the verges for 12 months and then pass to council.
Flooding on Twyford Road: - work is being carried out and problem will be resolved.
Public Right of Way – need final approval but will have good lighting.
The next forum meeting is on the 27th November at The Emmbrook School from 7-9.
  1. Close

The Chairman thanked Darren for attended and responding as fully as possible to residents’ concerns.

He thanked the residents for attending and drew the meeting to a close.